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Share the experience of discovering the gender of your unborn child with the world.

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Get more donations by setting a party prize for your guests to win!

A funFamily & Friends Competition

Fantasy Gender Reveal App is a fun and intuitive way to share the joys of revealing the gender of your baby with family and friends as well as raise money for your parenting journey.
Create an account, set your Gender Reveal Date and invite friends to choose whether they are Team Boy or Team Girl!

A simple yet fun way

Family and friends can make donations to you by placing bets on either Team Boy or Team Girl. All proceeds raised will go to both parents. Gain bragging rights from your partner by seeing whose team can raise the most money!

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Be part of the discussion!

Post your pregnancy pictures, in which family and friends can like and comment on. Also, show your team support with friendly discourse in your campaigns discussion board.

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How it works

Ready to start raising money for your pregnancy? It’s never been easier! Just follow these four easy steps below to get started






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Baby Names

You and your partner can browse through our extensive 40,000+ baby names on your downtime with our amazing Baby Names catalogue. Save your favorite names so you can have them all in one place!

Pregnancy Journey

Track your pregnancy in our Pregnancy Journey section with your weekly baby size, symptoms, and tips and tricks to keep you comfortable through your pregnancy.

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Tired of regular gender reveals? Make your reveal thrilling by downloading Fantasy Gender Reveal on Google Play or Apple Store.


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